KillYourIdols Couture
The iconoclastic couture jacket brand from Istanbul.
No. 2 ''For Him 2 Hear You''
​40 years of tailoring.
Luxury quality.
Designs, fabrics, patterns, prints, accessories and details
are exclusively KillYourIdols™.​

Uniquely Created in Istanbul

No.2 Prince Jacket

  • The Idol Jackets

    Created by the Turkish designers Sedat Yazici & Banu Güven,

    The ''Idol Jackets'' from KillYourIdols are luxurious and timeless piece.

    Tailored in Istanbul with special fabrics, the jackets are haute couture and unique.

    A precious object of desire.

  • Composition

    Purple Velvet
    Lining: Private Label Printed Light Purple Satin

    Made in Heaven


  • Washing Instructions

    Dry clean only.