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Influenced by art, music, and fashion,

we started the KillYourIdols®

brand in 2015. 


We launched the brand with the 'Couture Idol Jacket' series using top quality fabrics.


The specially designed tencel-cotton 'Cross Tees', leather handcrafted 'Killer Boots', 'Army Boots', leather handmade 'Coffin Bags', 'Custom Bags', are exclusively designed t-shirts, bags and shoes / boots all personalized with specific names and quotes representing icons in the music and art world. 


We created tailor made limited edition leather jackets 'KYI Jacket' and a capsule denim collection 'KYI Jeans'. 

Each collection is inspired by pop culture and the icons that continue to influence the music and art world. 


Using leather and metal accessories, our ‘Personal Jesus SS16' and 'IconoClast AW16' embody handmade slogan prints and patterns.

Quality fabrics and craftmenship are key elements in our designs.  After the success of the collections of 'Antagonist SS17' and 'Protagonist AW17' came 'Psycho Killer SS18' and 'American Psycho AW18'. 


Currently we are expanding the collection to include fragrance with ‘Death Flowers' and 'Idol Parfumes'.

Our goal is to globally expand with new sales points in Europe and North America, Japan and the Middle East by the end of 2024. 


Following the success of these markets, the KillYourIdols brand would like to expand to include KillYourIdols Store and KillYourIdols Coffee in key cities.  We are also planning for KillYourIdols Hotel and KillYourIdols Holiday Village after 2025/2026.

KillYourIdols is not just a brand,

it is art in the form of fashion. 

Without sacrificing our high standards we continue to find innovative new techniques while still using old school pure craftmenship. 


Our message is meant for those who understand and appreciate music and the legends that continue to inspire us.

This Is Your Life.

Kill Your Idols!

Owner - Creator

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