KillYourIdols Jackets
Idol: Alabama & Clarence / True Romance
Designed & Handpainted in Istanbul
Premium Vegan Leather Jacket for Killer Boys Killer Girls
30 years of mastery
The inner / outer surfaces are vegan leather / satin fabric only
Guaranteeing quality, durability and user health
Designs, colors, patterns, dyes techinque and details are exclusively
KillYourIdols® World.

True Romance Jacket

€395.00 Regular Price
€276.50Sale Price
  • Killer Jackets

    Created by the Turkish designer Sedat Yazici,
    The "Killer Series'' from KillYourIdols is a uniqueness and timeless piece.

    Tailor-made & Hand-painted in Turkey with an exceptionnal vegan leather, the killer jackets are rebellious and forever young.

  • Materials

    100% Vegan Leather

    Outer Surface: 100% Vegan

    Inner Surface: 100% Satin Fabric

    Accessories: Silver Brass Metal, Silver Stainless Zipper, White Leather Dye

  • Cleaning

    Specialst Only.